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4 Zone Mixer

4 Zone Mixer

GR4 is a 1U rack-mounting or desktop audio mixer, providing simple yet comprehensive control of background music and paging in bars, restaurants, stores and other leisure / retail environments. Standout features include optional remote wall plates, a mic input on the front panel, plus a 3.5mm jack on the front for portable music sources.

Mic + Line Inputs

Four mic inputs on rear mount Phoenix connectors with MIC1 selectable to an optional front mounted XLR. Four stereo inputs on rear mount phono connectors. An additional front mounted 3.5mm jack socket overrides input 4 phono source.

Zone Outputs

Two stereo (mono selectable via internal jumper) zones on rear mount Phoenix connectors. An additional two mono zone outputs are available with mix output being selectable from internal jumpers.

Paging + Alarm

Paging and Alarm contact inputs on rear mounted Phoenix connectors allow integration with 3rd party paging stations and fire alarm systems.


Remote control can be achieved via PL-14 Remote connected to the rear mounted RJ45 or custom/3rd party analogue remotes connected to the rear mounted Phoenix connectors.


Installer Selectable Modes

Primary + Secondary Mic modes are perfect for controlling hierarchal microphone feeds such as simple paging announcements.

Emergency mode is for use with 3rd party systems in emergency situations and mutes all inputs except MIC 1 on alarm contact closure.

Jukebox mode provides a priority line input to the system for pre-recorded announcements or programme material such as Sports channels.

Remote Control

PL-14 Compatible

The PL-14 is an ‘intelligent’ remote controller for use with the Allen & Heath GR4 audio zone mixers. It provides the non-technical operator with local control of the music source selection and/or audio level.

Up to two controllers may be connected, just one, one for each zone, or a single unit to simultaneously control both zones. A menu of setup options allows the installer to configure its function to match the specific requirements of each application. Additional switches may be wired for room combining situations and to disable the controller when the settings should not be changed.

The optional PL-5 hand held infra-red remote controller adds wireless control, and additional features including the store and recall of up to 4 source/level pre-sets.

The PL-14 can be mounted into a single unit wall box using the standard face plate provided, or furniture mounted using the cutting template details given here. It interfaces with the GR3/4 using standard CAT5 cables. The second controller daisy chains with the first for convenient single run cabling. Space is provided on the panel for custom labelling.

Downloads and Documents

The latest Firmware, documents, specifications and downloads, as well as useful links to support, all in one place


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