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8 Fader Remote Controller

8 Fader Remote Controller

IP8 is a remote controller with 8 motorised faders designed for install and live sound applications.

Motorised Faders

The 8 motorised faders can be configured to control levels, sends and pans.

Assignable SoftKeys

23 assignable SoftKeys deliver a comprehensive level of control for the user.

Power Options

The IP8 ships with a 12V PSU and also supports PoE.

Freestanding or Mounted

The optional wall mount bracket allows the IP8 to be installed for permanent installations.


Surfaceless Mixing

Teamed up with a dLive MixRack and a laptop running Director software, IP8 is ideal for adding hands-on control to an ultra-compact dLive setup, such as a monitor rig for fly-in dates.


Surface Extender

The sound engineer can make use of all fader strips on a dLive Surface or Avantis mixer to control Input channels, and set up a ‘sidecar’ IP8 to control master levels.


Intuitive Level Control

The installer or system integrator can configure the IP8 to provide the degree of control needed by the day to day operator, for example the levels of microphones and music sources in a room.

System Design

Mix and Match

Multiple IP Controllers can be connected to an AHM, dLive or Avantis system to provide control exactly where needed.

Compatible with


8 Motorised faders

23 Assignable SoftKeys

6 Layers

PoE or external 12V PSU (supplied)

Use freestanding or mount in a plinth, podium or furniture

  • Optional wall mount bracket (IP8-MOUNT)

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