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40 Source Personal Mixer

40 Source Personal Mixer

ME-1 is probably the most sophisticated personal monitor mixer on the market, giving precision control over up to 40 channels to satisfy the most demanding ears.

40 Sources

Control up to 16 stereo/mono inputs or groups with level and pan controls for each input.

OLED Screen

Dimmable high-quality screen shows names, levels, pan, meters and more.

16 User Presets

Levels, pan and mutes can all be stored and recalled at the touch of a button. Presets can be saved to USB and easily transferred to different ME-1s.


Sources can be grouped within the ME-1, so each performer can use different groups without consuming buses on the main console.

Musician Friendly

Powerful Yet Easy To Use

The uncluttered top panel makes control quick, easy and intuitive for the musician. Each key is assignable to a single mono or stereo source or to a group of channels, for instance an entire drumkit. ME-1s connected to a dLive, Avantis or SQ mixer automatically pick up names from the console, and custom names can also be displayed. Once the perfect mix has been crafted, it can be saved to one of the 16 onboard preset slots on the ME-1.

Stage Ready

Neat and Tidy

The included headphone hanger and mic stand bracket ensure that everything the performer needs is within arms reach, and helps keep the stage neat and tidy. ME-1s can be powered via PoE to reduce onstage cabling further.

Audio First

Designed for Performers

The top-panel ambient mic keeps performers in touch with the stage sound and lets them hear the audience and communicate with each other without needing to pull out their ear pieces.

An easy to use Master 3-band EQ and Limiter protects performers ears and allows them to fine-tune the overall tone of their mix to compensate for differences in headphones.

3rd Party Compatibility

ME With Other Mixers

You don’t have to own an Allen & Heath mixer to benefit from the ME Personal Mixing System.

If you’re using other console brands, the ME-U hub is your gateway to the ME system, with MADI and Dante option cards allowing a digital feed of up to 40 sources from third-party systems.

ME-1 and ME-500 can be used as drop-in replacements for older AVIOM® A-16ii units.

Compatible with

Large Digital Mixers


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Compact Digital Mixers


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40 Inputs With Level and Pan Control

Dimmable OLED Screen

16 Assignable Keys

3.5mm and 1/4” Headphone Outputs

Master 3-Band EQ and Limiter

Solo and Mute Keys

Aux Input for MP3 Players, Click Tracks etc

Built-in Signal Generator

Mains or PoE Powered

Daisy Chain or Use Standard PoE Ethernet Hubs

Mic Stand Bracket and Headphone Hanger Included

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