Mighty Compressor

Available to buy for SQ-5 SQ-6 SQ-7

Available as part of Compressor Pack I

Your new secret weapon.
Explosive compression with a unique sound.

Your new secret weapon. Explosive compression with a unique sound.

Inspired by a classic transistor array VCA dynamics processor, the Mighty puts aggressive compression with a unique character inside your SQ.

Used in anger,  the explosive characteristics of the Mighty have made it the “must have” tool for engineers who need to make a sound “pop” out of the speakers, or those who want to crush a drum bus into submission for ‘New York’-style parallel compression.

Can be used in place of any input or mix channel compressor with zero-latency.

Mighty is great for:


Huge, stand-out kick and snare sounds that cut through a busy mix


Add snap to bass guitars


Bring acoustic guitars to the fore and make them sound more percussive

Drum Bus

Beef up the drum bus with ‘New York’-style parallel compression

Looking for “Subtle”? Move along!

Particularly effective on kick and snare, Mighty also excels on full kit, bass, guitars and just about anything else that needs to cut through a busy mix.

In ‘Peak’ mode the Mighty works as a super-fast limiter, great for over-the-top drum sounds.

In ‘Average’ mode the Mighty has a slower attack and lets the peaks through, useful for getting instruments to ‘pop’ out more.

It’s your secret weapon when you need to give any instrument an ‘in your face’ sound.

Parallel Punch

Mighty shines on parallel compression duties where it can be used aggressively in the parallel path and then blended in with the dry signal to add real punch whilst maintaining natural dynamics.

Just click the Parallel Path button and adjust the Dry/Wet levels to suit your mix.

“I’m using Mighty for heavy drums – ie. punk rock – because it’s so meaty, so fast, so aggressive and it sounds like nothing else!”

Oscar Soederland, FOH
(Zara Larsson, The Hives, Backyard Babies, The Cardigans)