Available to buy for SQ-5 SQ-6 SQ-7

Three Essential GEQs. Big Savings.

Three Essential GEQs. Big Savings.

DEEP Graphic EQs provide 28 bands of surgical graphic equalisation – with +/- 12dB of boost and cut – that can be used in place of the stock (Constant-Q) GEQ on the LR mix and every AUX, GROUP and MTX.

Up to 16 different instances can be used at once, and as they’re embedded directly into the channel, there’s no added latency.

GEQ Pack 1 features all the GEQs from the original V1.3 release including:

Proportional Q

Provides smooth wide Q for low cut/boost, which progressively tightens beyond 1/3rd octave for max boost/cut.


Gain and width are optimised to minimise band interaction and to provide a frequency response as close to the slider positions as possible.


The boost is Proportional Q for smooth and warm small boost settings, while the cut is Constant-Q providing clinical 1/3rd Octave attenuation with minimal band interaction.

Purchased separately the total price would be $207, but buying them together gets you all three for just $109.

All GEQs in the pack can be used in place of any mix GEQ.