Dante audio networking is used extensively for live performance events, commercial installations, broadcast, recording and production, and communications systems. Our growing range of Dante audio networking cards and dedicated Dante-enabled I/O expanders makes it easy to integrate our dLive, SQ and ME systems into a Dante network.


Designed to excel in corporate, retail, hospitality and education environments, AHM Audio Matrix Processors can be equipped with a Dante option card to seamlessly connect to devices on a Dante network, including the DT164-W and DT168 Dante I/O expanders. 


SQ Dante V2

SQ Dante V2 provides AHM-64 with a full 64×64 channel interface to a Dante network. The card can be switched between 96kHz and 48kHz to accommodate Dante networks running at either sample rate.


The rugged, portable DT168 is perfect for environments such as schools and performing arts centres where I/O needs to be deployed flexibly in different locations.


DT164-W is a versatile wall-mounting Dante I/O option for AHM-64 installations. A reversible frame allows for in-wall or on-wall mounting.



Our flagship dLive series is equally at home on a live tour, or installed in houses of worship, theatre or broadcast facilities. Whether you’re looking for a convenient solution for recording shows on a laptop or creating a fully networked Dante installation, the dLive ecosystem has got you covered.


Dante 128

Designed to help integrate dLive into a wide range of live, install and broadcast scenarios, the Dante 128×128 audio networking card offers low latency, high channel count connectivity to Dante networks and devices.

Dante 64

This 64x64 audio networking card is a cost effective alternative to the higher channel count Dante 128 card. Dante 64 is suitable for digital splits between systems, for instance FOH and MON, whilst offering simultaneous multitrack recording via Dante Virtual Soundcard (available separately), with no compromise in audio quality.


DT168’s portable stagebox format makes it ideal for use onstage, or for dropping into a dLive network wherever more Dante I/O is needed.


DT164-W is a versatile wall mount design for permanent installation. Up to 16 units can be connected to a dLive system.


Avantis is a 64 input / 42 output console, equipped with two I/O slots, accommodating a choice of 64x64 and 128x128 Dante cards. Avantis is compatible with an array of I/O expander options, including the Dante-enabled DT164-W and DT168.


Dante 64

This 64x64 audio networking card is a natural partner to Avantis, enabling FOH / MON splits, multitrack recording via Dante Virtual Soundcard (available separately) and integration into Dante networks.

Dante 128

When 64x64 just isn’t enough, the Dante 128x128 audio networking card offers Avantis low latency, high channel count connectivity to Dante networks and devices.


DT168 is a super versatile stagebox expander for Avantis. Compact and portable enough to be used onstage or rapidly deployed when extra Dante I/O is called for, making it ideal for dynamic environments like schools and houses of worship.


With in-wall / on-wall and floor pocket mounting, DT164-W makes Dante I/O part of the fabric of the building. Up to 16 DT164-Ws can be added to an Avantis system.


SQ is the first compact mixer to provide a full 64x64 channel, 96kHz interface to a Dante network, thanks to the SQ Dante card. Add in compatibility with our dedicated Dante-enabled I/O expanders and SQ is the ideal small footprint mixer for Dante networks in AV, corporate, rental and installation scenarios.


SQ Dante

SQ Dante provides any SQ with a full 64×64 channel, 96kHz or 48kHz interface to a Dante network. Facilitating system integration, the card enables digital splits and  multitrack recording.


The rugged, portable DT168 is perfect for use onstage, or in a venue running a Dante network which needs the flexibility to deploy I/O in different locations.


Wall-mounted or discreetly recessed in a floor pocket, DT164-W is a smart Dante I/O option for SQ systems in permanent installations.



The M-Dante audio networking card is a great gateway to ME personal mixing system for users of other digital console brands.  With M-Dante fitted to a ME-U hub, third party systems can feed up to 40 sources to our ME personal mixers. 


  • 64x64 channels at 48kHz
  • Redundant network connections
  • DDM supported
  • Compatible with all 48kHz Dante devices


First serialised in Worship Musician magazine, Jeff Hawley has penned an excellent primer on Dante in Worship. The article explores the benefits of adopting Dante as the tech backbone in worship audio and is a great first step for anyone setting out on the networked audio journey.

Click here to download it.