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SQ Dante 64×64

64×64 Dante Card for SQ & AHM

Dante Card for SQ & AHM

SQ Dante provides any SQ mixer or AHM processor with a full 64×64 channel, 96kHz or 48kHz interface to a Dante network.


Expand Your System With Dante

An SQ or AHM unit fitted with the Dante option card can seamlessly connect to DT expanders, wireless systems, amplifiers, preamps and any other devices on your Dante network, making full use of high-resolution 96kHz audio.

The SQ Dante card can be switched between 96kHz or 48kHz to accommodate Dante networks running at either sample rate. In addition to facilitating system integration, the card also enables digital splits and affordable multitrack recording direct to a computer.

SQ Dante V2 & V3

Add Dante to AHM Matrix Processors

SQ Dante V2& V3 share all the features and specifications of the V1 module, with no differences for SQ users*, but the V2 & V3 modules can also be fitted and used in an AHM matrix processor.

*SQ firmware V1.5 or higher required.


64×64 channel audio and control over a network

96kHz or 48kHz operation

Multichannel recording / playback using Dante Virtual Soundcard (available separately)

Two ports with redundant and switch modes

Internal Control Network Bridge

Locking Ethercon connectors

Dante Domain Manager ready

AES67 compatible

V1 compatible with SQ

V2 compatible with SQ (V1.5+) and AHM-64

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