dLive Director

A multi-platform editor and control software for dLive. It lets you configure the system offline before the show, check and
edit Show files from guest engineers, and control the mix live using a laptop or touch tablet.

dLive Director has a touch-friendly interface, with resizable fader banks to suit different resolutions from pro tablets to large touch screens / all-in-ones. A Touchscreen view replicates every aspect of the dLive Surface GUI for instant familiarity to all dLive users.

Compatible with Mac and Windows OS (including Windows Surface Pro), dLive Director offers the same experience across different devices,
letting you focus on the mix rather than the interface.



A perfect companion for engineers on the road, dLive Director allows you to configure your system, channel plot, I/O patch and Surface layout before your show, be it on a plane, tour bus or in the office. You can edit Show files from guest engineers before transferring them to a USB key and load them into dLive at the venue. It’s also a convenient training tool, covering all aspects of dLive operation, which gives you the confidence to walk up for the first time to a dLive Surface and start mixing straight away.


dLive Director adds a second ‘virtual Surface’ to any dLive system, providing simultaneous control over a standard wired or wireless network connection. The ability to carry out different tasks at the same time means one engineer can run the FoH soundcheck from the Surface while another dials in the monitor mixes using a laptop or tablet on stage.

dLive Director can connect as either a master (uploads settings to the mixer) or a slave (downloads mixer settings). For systems without a dLive Surface, you can combine your laptop and any dLive MixRack for the most compact, portable and powerful 128 channel live mixing system in the market.

dLive Director is available to download from the software page.