Design for Live

There is something inherently thrilling about live sound. The immediacy of the direct interaction between the performers and the audience, the potential for anything to happen, the need to get it right first time – this is what makes live mixing so addictive. As the demands for more and more I/O and increasingly complex systems grow, there’s a danger of concentrating on the technology rather than the performance. Our design goal for dLive S Class was to create the ultimate mixing system, with plenty of processing and flexibility to handle the most demanding live scenarios, while at the same time giving the engineer intuitive tools to comfortably keep all that power at their fingertips, freeing them to focus on the live mixing experience.


dLive S3000

20 faders. Single 12″ touchscreen

dLive S5000

28 faders. Twin 12″ touchscreen

dLive S7000

36 faders. Twin 12″ touchscreen


dLive DM0 MixRack

128 Input x 64 output matrix

dLive DM32 MixRack

32 mic/line inputs. 16 line outputs

dLive DM48 MixRack

48 mic/line inputs. 24 line outputs

dLive DM64 MixRack

64 mic/line inputs. 32 line outputs

Everything you need

Personal Mixing

Audio Networking

Remote Controllers

IP1 |  IP6 |  IP8 |  GPIO

Processing & FX



I/O Expanders

dLive OneMix

Personal mixing app for dLive

dLive MixPad

Engineer’s mixing tool providing wireless mobile control for dLive



Allen & Heath + macOS Catalina

The correct operation of this product with macOS Catalina is not yet verified by our development and test departments. As a result, macOS Catalina is not currently supported.

As our test programmes are completed we will update this notice.