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Acoustic Echo Cancellation

AEC Modules for AHM-64 & AHM-32

AEC Modules for AHM-64 & AHM-32

The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) modules for AHM-64 & AHM-32 provide 12 channels of AEC and are designed for teleconferencing and videoconferencing applications.

The AEC processors are assigned using channel inserts in the AHM. One insert sits in the far-end Input channel, and the other in the near-end Input channel. A Sound Reinforcement output is also provided for cases where local voice reinforcement is required.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The Need for AEC

With remote attendance of meetings and conferences becoming increasingly common, high quality audio is critical to ensure intelligibility for all attendees.

Remote participants often experience distracting echoes – caused by their voice being played over speakers in the conference room, picked up by multiple microphones and broadcast back to the caller – which can seriously impede the clarity of the audio, and the flow of the meeting.

Allen & Heath’s Acoustic Echo Cancellation intelligently detects the “echo” in the remote participants feed, plus any residual effects caused by room acoustics, and utilises dedicated hardware processing to minimise the unwanted audio.

The result? A clearer, more comfortable listening experience for everyone in the meeting!


The AEC User Interface

All AEC parameters are easily accessible via AHM System Manager’s clear and intuitive interface making it simple to dial in the optimal settings for teleconferencing and videoconferencing.


12 Channels of AEC

150ms FIR Adaptive Filter

Far-End AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

Residual Echo NLP (non-linear processing)

Background Noise Reduction

Near-End gating

Speech-Shaped Comfort Noise

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