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64×64 Audio Matrix Processor

64×64 Audio Matrix Processor

The most powerful matrix processor in the range, AHM-64 can scale to large campus installations with up to 64 zones, 96 controllers and hundreds of system I/O.

64×64 Processing Matrix

Flexible routing with configurable processing on all 64 outputs.

12×12 Local Analogue I/O

12x mic/line inputs and 12x relay protected line outputs on Phoenix connectors.

Audio Networking I/O Port

Card options include Dante, MADI, Waves and SLink.


Sound Management Tools

• 8x Automatic Mic Mixers
• ANC (Ambient Noise Compensation)
• Priority Ducking
• 8-band PEQ, Dynamics and Delay on every Input and Zone
• Speaker processing with x-over filter, delay, limiter and PEQ
• Processing expansion module

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) module for AHM-64 provides multiple channels of AEC and is designed for teleconferencing and videoconferencing scenarios.


64×64 Processing Matrix

12×12 Local Analogue I/O

I/O Port for Audio Networking (Up to 128×128)

Dante 96kHz Option Card (AES67 and DDM ready)

128×128 Built-in SLink Port for Audio Expansion

64 Configurable Processing Outputs – Mono / Stereo Zones or Speaker Processing

96kHz FPGA Core With Ultra-low Latency

Compatible With IP1, IP6, IP8 Remote Controllers

2×2 Local GPIO Plus Networkable GPIO Interface

TCP/IP Protocol for Third Party Integration

Crestron, AMX and Extron Drivers

Mac / Windows System Manager Software

Custom Control app and Editor for BYOD

32 User Profiles

Integrated Stereo Playback

Event Scheduler

DC backup power supply

Downloads and Documents

The latest Firmware, documents, specifications and downloads, as well as useful links to support, all in one place


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