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Waves V3

SoundGrid Network Interface Card

SoundGrid Network Interface Card

Add 128 channels of Waves SoundGrid connectivity to a dLive or Avantis system.

Waves Processing

Use your favourite Waves plugins with a dLive or Avantis system. The Waves plugins can run on your computer or a dedicated Waves server,

Multitrack Recording

Record up to 128 tracks of 96kHz audio into your computer via a single ethernet cable.

3 SoundGrid Ports

The three sockets on the Waves V3 card can all be connected to different devices for more complex setups.

48/96kHz Operation

To interface with your SoundGrid network, Waves V3 supports both 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates.


128 bidirectional channels

96kHz or 48kHz operation

Waves SoundGrid audio networking

Multitrack recording and playback

Input sharing with Waves V2 and V3 cards

Integrated 3-port Ethernet switch for connection of multiple devices

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