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WZ4 12:2

12in Analogue Console with FX

12in Analogue Console with FX

WZ4 12:2 is your ideal companion for those scenarios where you don’t need masses of channels, but you still need to deliver superb audio quality.

8 Mic/Line Inputs

8 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack feed our renowned clean and detailed preamp design.

2 Dual Stereo Inputs

The 2 dual stereo channels are perfect for stereo playback or for hooking up keyboards and other stereo instruments.

6 Auxes

Flexible aux section with 2 pre-fade, 2 switched and 2 post-fade sends.

Dual FX Engine

Two digital FX engines with 20 studio quality FX presets designed by the DSP team responsible for our digital flagship mixers.


Clean Sound

The MixWizard4 preamp delivers extremely low noise, minimal distortion, wide yet smooth gain law and plenty of headroom. The preamp was developed by leading analogue designer Mike Griffin and is adapted from the design used on our legendary large-format analogue consoles.


Comprehensive Aux System

All MixWizard4 models offer a generous 6 auxes, each with its own master level rotary control and impedance-balanced TRS outputs. A clever monitoring system lets you listen to aux outputs in mono or in stereo pairs. Auxes 1-2 are routed pre-fade for monitors; auxes 3-4 are switchable pre or post-fade for monitors, FX or additional recording or zone feeds; and auxes 5-6 are routed post-fader for FX and aux-fed sub. These pre/post settings can be changed via internal jumpers.


Fits Anywhere

Our unique QCC (Quick Change Connectors) system lets you swiftly change the position of the connector panel to suit desktop, rack or flightcase mounting. The hard plastic side trims can also be removed to reveal the integral rack ears.


Dual Engine Effects

WZ4 12:2 and WZ4 16:2 are both equipped with 2 stereo FX engines, providing 20 studio-quality FX presets. The FX interface has also been upgraded, with a 7-segment LED display, tap tempo and an encoder to adjust FX parameters. The FX algorithms were developed by the same in-house team that created the highly respected FX suite for our digital touring mixers.

Downloads and Documents

The latest Firmware, documents, specifications and downloads, as well as useful links to support, all in one place


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